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Ft2.com - who we are?

Ft2.com (stands for square feet) is a new company,
that strives to change how those that rent
and those that own or manage rental housing find and connect with each other.

We believe that those that are looking for a place to live, no matter the income level, social status or other factors deserve to have a choice, a tool that would allow to compare and find a home that’s right for their them.

For those that own or manage rental properties, we believe in advertising that works.
That means:

  • Listing on our site is FREE
  • You do not have to resubmit your listings every day just to stay visible on the site
  • Only paying a reasonable amount if you want additional exposure for your property

A bit of company history

Ft2.com is a start up. We are group of people - programmers, designers, and common folk, who just a couple of years ago lived in apartments, rented, moved from one place to another and at some point thought "This is crazy. It does not have to be so hard to find a decent place to live". Craigslist is great but it's a contest of who re-posts their listing more often.

We decided to create a site that would make search and comparison easier (Apartment........com). A site that would allow you to search not only by the number of bedrooms and rent amount, but also by the type of place you are looking for (e.g. City life vs. Suburban kids-friendly), and other attributes. We came up with new features like "Rent comparison tool" that takes your rent amount and checks it against comparables in the area, similar to the tools used when you are buying or selling a home. We redesigned our site four times trying to make it work/look better for those searching for a place to live (by the way, the fifth redesign is coming soon).

Let us know what you think

We constantly improve and add new features to our website. Please let us know what you like or dislike. Your suggestions are encouraged and much appreciated.

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