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Videos - the best way to tell a story by making your own mini-documentary
Creating your own videos today is something we all enjoy doing; to express ourselves, to tell a story, or simply to have fun. We invite people to start having fun by telling a story about an area, street, place or anything that can be tied to the address. Have a story, an idea, a fun fact? Post it on our site. 
Photos - let them see it with your eyes
A way to describe where you live for friends out of town, or even post photos for a cool hang out spot that you discovered last night.
 Review in your own words
This is where it becomes really fun. Treat it as a journal entry. Tell others what you think about the place you live, or a place you've been too. Be honest, and objective  - pros and cons, why should others visit, move in, or never go there.
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