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MAR 15, 2010

NEW NAME - ft2.com, NEW site - COMING SOON!

You've told us and we've listened. Over the past two years or so users have been telling us how much they love using our site, features like rent calculator, etc.
Everyone was saying though that our site names were too long to type in! We got to acknowledge typing in NorthCarolinaRenters.com or even PennsylvaniaRenters.com is not something you would enjoy. One typo and the site does not come up. So we've decided to make it real short, sweet and easy for you - all of our sites are now simply Ft2.com (for square feet). But if you are used to the old site addresses, no worries - say VirginiaRenters.com or any of the old addresses for that matter would still get you to the right rental section of the new site. And we got some more exciting news coming down the pipe. Very soon we will reveal a new and enhanced interface for our site. It works on iPhones and other smart phones, it has a slick and streamlined look that will help you compare various rental options a lot easier and it has some other features you have not seen anywhere else.

Apr 27, 2009


The economy is tough out there. With so many properties on the market national vacancy rate has gone up to around 10%. To help you in these rough times we've brought our FREE listing package  back. Now if you want to list your house for rent, for sale you can do this absolutely free. The good news is that traffic to our sites has also grown  over 100% over last year which means more prospective tenants are looking and searching. List your property now for free..


APR 7, 2009


OK, we have not written any news for a while. But we've been busy working on the new and improved interface, better, faster search algorithm and moving to faster servers. More exciting news to come soon. To help you in these tough times we'll introduce our FREE listing package and launch a brand new feature - Real Estate coupons. Stay tuned..

JUN 16, 2008

Now our listings are automatically distributed to Hotpads.com

We have partnered up with Hotpads.com to distribute our listings on their network. For our advertisers it means more exposure, better results and faster turnaround to find renters.

FEB 1-15, 2008

Radio Ad campaign in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

We have launched a radio ad campaign on five local radio stations to promote PennsylvaniaRenters.com. The ad campaign was a great success driving traffic to our websites as well as bringing us several new advertising partners. Listen to our ad...

JAN 1, 2008

The entire U.S. is covered!

Momaji LLC, the parent company of FT2 has launched rental property listing web sites covering all 50 states. Every state and major metropolitan area now has a local rental site! Learn more at http://www.momaji.com/

AUG 28, 2007

Massachusetts, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, rental search websites launched

We have launched four new rental search websites: MassachusettsRenters.com, IllinoisRenters.com, OhioRenters.com and PennsylvaniaRenters.com. Now you can search for apartments and homes for rent on any of these sites in any of these states. Same concept, new local markets.

JUNE 6, 2007

"How much should I pay for rent" feature added

We have just added a very useful feature that allows you to type in any address and see what similar places around it rent for. Renters, check if you are overpaying or if you should stick with your current place. Landlords, find out what other landlords are charging for similar properties nearby to stay competitive and ensure high occupancy rates. Check this feature out:

APR 7, 2007

North Carolina, here we come

We have launched www.NorthCarolinaRenters.com. Same concept, new local market. we are very excited.

Mar 3, 2007

Vast integration

We are pleased to announce that all of our properties are being automatically added to Vast Vast, one of the latest classified ad aggregator to hit the market. This addition broadens our audience and your reach.

Feb 27, 2007

Roommates Section Goes live!

About a month ago we started to get listings that didn't really fit in the regular rentals category, as people advertised rooms for rent / sublease. It was an obvious next step for us to add roommates section. After extensive research needed additional scripts were written and now roommates search is at your service.

Feb 24, 2007

Mobile Truck Ads

For the next several months you will see our ads on the side of the Admobile trucks as they cruise around Virginia Beach and Norfolk.

VirginiaRenters Ad Truck

Apartment or Home Preview